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Welcome… So you’ve finally found me.

Elegant seductress, alluring Femme Fatale… the Lure Of Perfection. I am the ultimate new breed of dominatrix, bridging the gap between elite companion and sensual sadist.

Amongst a plethora of latex and leather clad dommes, I am simply a stunningly beautiful, powerful young woman. Articulate, educated sophistication, with a perverse and erotic mind.

At 5’5’’, with my hourglass figure and long blonde hair, I am the epitome of femininity. High cheekbones, naturally pillow lips and intoxicating green eyes. But don’t be fooled by my mesmerising beauty- I am a demanding Mistress who will leave you weak at the knees under my presence. My dominance comes from within.

Contrary to popular belief that dominatrices despise men- I adore men. Powerful Alpha types who offer me their gift of submission. What a gift.

You may have yearned to serve a woman like me but have never actualised this fantasy before. It’s been bubbling away under the surface for some time now. Offer yourself to me and I shall take you on a journey of erotic submission.


Veronica De Sade


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