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You may address Me as Madame Li or Madame Li Ying.

I have been Domming since 2003 (formerly known as Empress Victoria). I specialised in heavy Medical Play, Japanese Rope Bondage and Classical BDSM journeys for a selection of slaves, masochists, submissives and bottoms in UK and Europe.

I love Dominating men who come to Me with their secret desires and I take great pleasure in understanding them by enacting these desires with them. My play style ranges according to whom I am playing with. I am energetic, strict, playful and wickedly sadistic. I am very hands on, very assertive in every day life and I will use My Feminine powers against you to move you to My liking. When I give command I expect it to be obeyed.

I can be intimidating but being naturally intuitive I will also make you feel safe in your submission to Me. I will bring you to a place where you have secretly longed to be, make you completely surrendered, under My complete control.


Madame Li Ying
Tel: 07307653555 


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