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Nanny Vee

The Nursery is where baby began it’s journey; a domain filled with fear and anticipation. Looking out to a big world, knowing nothing, completely helpless and reliant upon the Maternal Figure who loomed down at it over the crib.

It was a fearful world potentially filled with harsh potty training regimes, smacked bottoms and innocent self-discovery, thus influencing its passage to adulthood. Fantasy, Nightmare or Sweet Dream, Enforced infantilism will draw the baby back to where it began. Welcome to Cuddles and Puddles Nanny Vee’s North London Adult Baby Nursery and Adult Baby Clinic. Nestled away in a quiet location Nanny Vee has a fully equipped nursery big-baby clinic.

Leave your woes at her doorstep, she will look after you, she will do everything for her little baby, she will dress it, feed it, change it. She will wipe it’s little nose. It will be dressed in plastic, frills, satin, bonnets, booties and bells, it will jingle as it crawls on all fours then Nanny will always know exactly where it is! Nanny will train it to worship nappies and to worship plastic pants. She will enforce a strict potty regime and she will decide how long it stays in a nappy and how many nappies it will wear at a time. Oodles of baby lotion and cotton wool should keep an adult baby’s bottie soft and smooth. Nanny Vee expects the baby to let everything go; to melt into her loving arms as she teases a rubber or real teat into it’s mouth. She will fill baby with warm milkie only for it to be released into it’s nappy as it guzzles eagerly. Baby will be weaned in a straight-backed chair – bland food to start with– Nanny would not want poor baby to vomit

At baby clinic the little one will receive enemas of various recipes, inspections and cleansing. Tinkle and bottie hole inspection is mandatory whilst forced nappy-bound creamies keep a baby healthy and pure of thought. A bad baby will be punished; it will be taken over Nanny’s lap, plastic pants pulled down, nappy pulled down and smacked hard on it’s bare bottom until it’s cheeks burn red, yet have no fear Nanny will wipe away baby’s tears and rock it better, shush now, there, there.

Exceptionally bad babies will receive the harsh end of Nanny Vee’s care. An extremely bad baby may have to be tied to the whipping-stool, or forced to drink a bottle of golden milkie, it my even have to endure electric shock behavioural conditioning treatment. At sleep time Nanny will tuck baby into the crib, she will switch on the baby monitor and retire to her room for the night. Dirty little adult baby games are forbidden and if necessary Nanny will secure it at sleep time; scratch- mittens, bound wrists and spread legs should stop a baby from reaching for it’s tinkle. Nanny will wind up the chime toy, switch off the light and gently kiss baby goodnight…. For more nervous Little Ones Nanny Vee offers plenty of tender loving care; watching over all Little needs. Nanny Vee will feed, change, bathe, diaper the big baby. She will sing lullabies and read Fairy Tales, play games and kiss goodnight....




Nanny Vee
TEL: 07858 419143


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